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Dual SIM touch business Jin A350 this selling price less than

(Zhongguancun online phone channel trading reported) March 18, 2011, gionee A350 (licensed importers) in businesses "Cheng zeyongxin" latest arrival, businesses to out of quotes for 1590 Yuan, accessories has: single electric, and single filled, and headset, and data line,. Gold vertical A350 is a paragraph support touch controlled operation of fashion dual SIM double to business phone. figure for gold vertical A350 gold vertical A350 used has bar cap of modeling design, machine style atmospheric, and stable, Its has a 2.8 inches touch controlled screen, equipped with has QVGA level of resolution, displayed effect didn't cause any trouble, the machine most lit eye of local is support dual SIM double to features, to while using two update China Mobile of,, for business people, very practical, built-in a star 2 million pixel camera, built-in fuck disc hand stock, and travel Center, software, support Bluetooth and USB 2.0 transmission, the machine most powerful of is its voice features, to voice SMS, and call number,. figure for gold vertical A350 Map Jin A350 Jin A350 main screen size: 2.8 inch TFT screen material master 260,000-color screen resolution of 240x320 pixels main screen color network specifications model GSM 900/1800MHz dual SIM dual standby support band battery 1350 mAh lithium-ion battery cell phone size 102.9x56x 21.3mm Digital Zoom camera with 2 million pixels to support video playback supports 3GP/MP4 format Java MIDP 2.0 Java extensions supported applications such as stock trader software, stock trading software suited smoothly, business center, well easy to use software supports WAP browser interface WAP 2.0 data Bluetooth transmission USB v2.0 edit comments: Gionee A350 is a paragraph main hit low-end market of business phone, the machine of modeling very attract people, transparent cap of design revealed out the machine stable, and fashion of side, the machine of configuration while not high, but overall comparison practical, support GSM dual SIM double to features, for network has comparison flexible of select, the machine currently has in national range within listed, Beijing, and Chongqing, area supply adequate, however Shanxi consumer part area is needs ahead of scheduled only to was. Gold vertical A350 (licensed importers)[ reference% 3CCLK> price of]1590 Yuan (votes)[ sales business[ business phone]13601170397[] Ze Yong letter shop address] jiuxianqiao road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, 2nd※ Above phone quotes are for actual purchased price, if you found this in the of dealer to out of quotes and text in the inconsistent, please pulling playing complaints phone: 82616677-8205, (this phone for complaints phone, almost not accept products price Advisory) because phone price exists fluctuations, therefore complaints accepted period for since articles publishing of day up of 7 days within. ※ Please you in and businesses contact purchased Shi mentioned trading sources is Zhongguancun online, This can be reported in accordance with market prices to mobile phones. Furthermore, aware of the business name and address when buying, in the event of disputes, facilitate the coordination process.

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Belle hit three Nokia ' new Hong Kong Conference

Beijing: the night of August 24, 2011 19:30 from Finland's Nokia in China, Hong Kong S.A.R., held a grand new products release, officially announced the latest Symbian Belle operating on stage at the same time, has also issued three to pick up the latest version of the operating system of mobile phones--Nokia, the Nokia 600, 700 and Nokia 701. because this announcement also will elaborate on Nokia Windows Phone 7 strategies for the future of the road, Therefore quite by industry concern. we Zhongguancun online phone cause Department is received has this times General Assembly of invited, following is front reporter for we brings of first-hand reported. Nokia Conference began Nokia Deputy President Colin Giles induced by opening, recalled has Nokia of brilliant history. Nokia currently in global ten a national are is most by welcomes of manufacturers and brand. Yu this while Nokia Ovi Store user has over 100 million, daily download volume over 9 million times , More than 6 million of the world's users of playing angry birds on Symbian phones. Vice President, Colin said this year Nokia will continue to improve the user experience of Symbian, hardware and software upgrades will be carried out concurrently. Symbian Belle system the conference focusing on Nokia Symbian Belle operating system, this is another big update after Symbian Anna system. including new custom content WIdgets, more home screens, new drop-down menus, and navigation bars, also Visual multitasking view switching. want to know Symbian Belle system please click the NFC main 8 improvements Symbian Belle system details pick-up the latest Nokia subsequently released a three-paragraph Symbian Belle system for product: Nokia Nokia Nokia 600, 700, 701. these three mobile phones Nokia as they gave a "world's largest", in which Nokia 600 are "the loudest" (sound max), Nokia 700 "the smallest" (minimum), Nokia 701 "the Brightest "(lightest). Nokia 600 Nokia 600: 1GHz processor, has the NFC chip; 5 million pixels full frame focusing the camera on the back, the screen 3.2-inch AMOLED. built-in volume of 106 decibels of excellent speakers. for more details, please click on the Symbian Belle cyclones hit1GHz NFC Nokia 600 publishing under. Nokia 700 Nokia 700: used has 1GHz processor. entire machine thickness only 9.7 mm, and weight for 96 grams, and used full metal design, very for female user using. also the machine carrying has 3.2 inches AMOLED capacitance screen resolution for nHD level, and used has CBD technology. more details click 1GHz compact thin Symbian Nokia 700 official publishing under. 1GHz processor Belle system Nokia 701 Hong Kong publishing Nokia 701: metal fuselage build, has 3.5 inches of LCD screen, screen outside side used has a layer Gorilla provides of glass layer. According to, Nokia 701 this paragraph phone of screen brightness can reached 1000nits, is currently smart phone in the most lit of screen. more details click 1GHz processor Belle system Nokia 701 Hong Kong publishing under. Essence Bluetooth headset in addition Nokia also first launched has a paragraph new of Bluetooth headset "Essence". this paragraph Bluetooth headset used has new of drop noise technology can elimination up 99% of annoying noise, while Essence maximum of features is support NFC features, can through the technology and support NFC of Nokia phone contact pairing connection, very of convenient. more details click support NFC features Nokia publishing Essence Bluetooth headset under This Nokia Hong Kong Conference total launched has three paragraph phone a paragraph Bluetooth headset, ZOL phone channel front reporter also is gradually for we pass back first-hand information, please you netizens continues to concern ZOL phone channel. as Asia maximum of information communications exhibition of official brand activities one, P&T phone photography contest fourth times come held. This times phone photography contest still to General netizens cast own photography strength of opportunities, played own of imagination and creativity to and we, and To share with you. easy to come up with your own mobile phone records the next moment your understanding of color, I believe you will take to your heart photos. P&T the fourth creative theme mobile phone photography contest

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Imitation iPhone-Samsung instinct HD interface sneak peek

On Sprint custom of Samsung Instinct HD, recently had has a update very fuzzy of pictures exposure, but yesterday abroad media also exposure has a update comparison clear of pictures, we can clearly of see Samsung and Sprint of LOGO beats by dre studio pas cher. Samsung Instinct HD phone back exposure figure Samsung Instinct HD is a paragraph entertainment features very powerful of smart phone, this paragraph phone built-in 5 million pixel of camera, can recording and play HD video , While have TV output of features, can directly will phone connection TV casque monster beats, play phone within of video. in addition to, this paragraph phone also support voice message, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and so on basic features. Instinct HD and other two paragraph Samsung phone of comparison this of really machine figure exposure, actually on foreshadowed with this paragraph phone upcoming listed, let we in listed Qian sneak peek look at this paragraph phone of interface. dial phone interface screen locked zhihou is wanted to Apple iPhone menu interface photographed interface is fuzzy , can barely make out multimedia interface

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Dual screen cap black and grey color scheme Motorola w530 earl

Beijing, December 04, 2008, Motorola's performance in the high-end handset market this year while some recession, but in the low-end market is doing splendidly successively introduced a number of popular high performance mobile phone users. it is reported that now Motorola is about to launch a targeted at the low-end market clamshell mobile phone Motorola W530. From outside type Shang see Motorola W530 followed has Motorola classic Cap fuselage distribution double screen of design. Motorola W530 main screen used has 260,000 color 176x220 pixel resolution TFT screen, and external small screen resolution for 96x80 pixel. in photographed aspects Motorola W530 just symbol significance of Assembly has a star 1.3 million pixel of camera, however can support fast took features, as user daily secondary shooting with pour also good. Motorola W530 fuselage size for 99 X25x17.5 mm, weight 106 g, light compact body, fit to orient users. pictured: Motorola W530 Motorola W530 can work on network in the four frequency GSM/EDGE under network environment, Its phone thin can store up to 1500 article of information. While this paragraph phone have also comparison full of music features, support third party microSD (T-Flash) store card extended, user can store many of music file. but this paragraph phone lack Bluetooth wireless transmission technology support, such its in music transmission performance Shang to playing a little discount. phone channel featuredN95/E71/M8? end most may will best selling models list · Meizu M8 video playback tested · Meizu M8 upgrade fixes Bug · 8 foreign phone bloody PK · sharp speed 9020c arrival · they make you give up iPhone · Nokia N95 there is brown! Meizu M8 characters dwell on

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IPhone is laughing at droid x a huge advertising tit-

Remember the Moto DROID on sale exclusively at the beginning of DROID DOES to poke fun at iPhone launch ads do? This is advertising listed has iPhone of ten a insufficient of Department, and said DROID can do these. This advertising broadcast Hou caused has is large of response and products eventually sold full beauty. originally this of DROID X and no intends to took iPhone kid, but iPhone 4 constantly exposure of glue door and signal door also let Verizon found has breakthrough. Motorola DROID X publicity advertising (click Zoom) Motorola today in New York Times under Published has huge advertising publicity own of Droid X, way laughed at iPhone, advertising said: "most important of is, it used double antenna design", "let you with any way holds are maintained call clear", almost sentence sentence directed at the recently hot of iPhonr 4 signal door event. and this paragraph Motorola this year of heavy products DROID X also will will in July in mid-began sale, the machine will will by Verizon ordered, price aspects maintained has DROID listed during of price. It seems Android phone works iPhone, several tit-let us smell taste in the Smartphone wars. I think this DROID X will not let us down.

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